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2021 Tax Filing Season

Here you will find any updates or newsletters we send out as well as relevant tax information specific to the 2021 tax filing season. If you are a new Client you may access a blank organizer here: 2021 Blank Organizer 


Office status, current hours (updated 8/1/2022)

Our office is currently open. We take meetings by appointment only.

Our office hours are Monday-Thursday 8am to 5pm. We offer a secure drop box available 24/7 for your convenience.

Organizer Delivery

Our 2021 tax organizers have been mailed or emailed out. You will receive your organizer via the same method as the previous year (email or mail). If you typically receive your organizer via our portal you will have received it in email form instead. We are currently transitioning portals and have not made the new system available yet. Additionally, it will be mailed to the same mailing address or email address used for your 2020 tax filing unless you have called our office and recently updated it. If you did not receive an organizer and you generally receive the document electronically, please check your junk or spam folder. If you would prefer to receive it differently please call our office or email us (you can also use the Info Request box at the bottom of this page). Be prepared to verify your identity when calling. For new clients we have a link above to retrieve a copy of our blank organizer.

UPDATED 01/20/2022

2021 Arizona State Tax Credits

****Any tax credit donations made after August 27, 2018 are no longer eligible to be deducted as charitable donations on Schedule A of the 1040 Federal Return.

****NOTE TO TAXPAYER: You must have a tax liability for at least the amount of your donation in order to take a tax credit. In other words, if you only owe $500 to the state of Arizona, you cannot receive $1,000 in tax credits.

****Remember all tax credits can be made up to April 15th of current year and be applied to previous tax year.

  • Contributions to a Public School - $200 single taxpayer/H of H,  $400 MFJ

  • Contributions to a Private School Tuition Organization - $611 single taxpayer/H of H,  $1,221 MFJ
  • Contributions to Certified Tuition Organization – Individual (This credit is only available to those individuals that first donated the maximum amount allowed under the Credit for Contributions to Private School Tuition Organization) $623 single taxpayer/ H of H, $1,245 MFJ  
An up-to-date list of Private School Organizations can be found here 


  • Contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations – ​ $400 for single/H of H, $800 MFJ.

Current List of Charitable Organizations 

  • Contributions to a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization -  $500 for single/H of H, $1000 MFJ.

Current List of Foster Care Organizations


Military Family Relief Fund – Closed for 2021. This caps out at 1 million dollars so contribute early to ensure your funds are included!
$200 Single/ Head of Household; $400 MFJ 

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